5 Hours Concealed Firearms & Weapons License Class

5 Hours Concealed Firearms & Weapons License Class

5 Hours Concealed Firearms & Weapons License Class


This is a 5-hour Intermediate level class where we introduce you to:

  • Florida State Statutes concerning concealed carry of a Firearm in the State of Florida
  • General Gun Safety Rules
  • Firearms Nomenclature
  • What is the objective of you owning a handgun
  • Types of Handguns and Holsters and what is the best for me
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Other subjects: Loading/Unloading, Ammunition selection, Stoppages/Malfunctions

If you have no previous firearms experience, it's highly recommended that you take our Handgun 101 class first.

You will only be required to shoot a minimum of 10 rounds in this course.  Due to ammo shortages and price increases, the instructor will provide your choice of either a .22LR revolver and a .22LR Semi-Automatic.  This will far surpass the requirements of the State of Florida and you will be presented a Certificate of Completion which will suffice as proof of training so you can apply to the Department of Agriculture for your Concealed Weapons License.  If you want to fire another caliber (.380, 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, ect) during your CCW class, you will supply firearm and ammunition.

Upon arrival at the range, Student will sign a waiver, surrender their Driver's License to Range Staff and agree to pay all range costs, to include eye/ear protection if needed.  Range time will be approximately $10 for 30 mins  and $15 for 1 hr.  We have a GREAT relationship with the range and it's employees and any arguments with their staff or failure to pay fees will result in student not receiving their Certificate and no refunds will be given from either business.

A 5hr class can never cover all laws, cases and scenarios concerning legal carry in the State of Florida.  For more information follow the link below.

For State specific Concealed Carry info check out and click on Florida or the state you're interested in: https://handgunlaw.us/

Class is taught by an NRA Law Enforcement and Civilian Pistol Instructor with 25yrs experience as an instructor.

Areas Covered

Tampa Metropolitan Area, Lakeland, Plant City, Pasco County, Hillsborough County, Polk County, Pinellas County

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