28 Hour 'G' Armed Security Officer Training

28 Hour 'G' Armed Security Officer Training

28 Hour 'G' Armed Security Officer Training

Are you ready to start your career as an Armed Security Officer or be able to carry a firearm as a Private Investigator or a PI Intern? Our classes can get you started today. The State of Florida requires 28 hours of training to become licensed as an Armed Security Officer or Private Investigator…are you ready? Our highly experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you succeed. Armed security is one of the most highly regulated industries in the state but we make getting your license easy. 

The 28-hour Armed Security Officer Course will be held on Monday and Tuesday from 8AM to 6:30 PM and from 8AM to 4PM on Wednesday. The cost of this course is $235.00 per person. Honorably Discharged Veterans and former First Responders with proof of service get $10 off.  

It is strongly suggested to attend this course, students should bring their own firearm, 3-4 high capacity magazines (12 rounds +) and a duty-type retention holster (No inside the pants holsters).

Due to Ammunition shortages, students bringing their own firearms will be required to also bring 150 rounds of ammunition (no reloads). Firearm rental cost of $100 includes 150 rounds of ammunition, a full-sized Glock 17 or 45 or mid-sized Glock 19, four high capacity magazines and a Fobus paddle holster. Students must attend all 3 days consecutively to complete the 28-hour course.

This course is NOT a learn to shoot class and it's not a Beginner's shooting class. This class is designed for students with previous handgun proficiency training whether from prior Military, Law Enforcement, Security or competition shooting experience. This class will include: The Four Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety, Firearms Fundamentals: Stance, Grip, Aiming, Trigger Control, Breathing and Follow Through, Drawing and Holstering techniques, Loading, Malfunction and Stoppage drills and safe firearms handling. The course also covers Florida Statutes: 493, 775, 776, 790, Civil and Criminal Liability and Firearms Mechanical Training. To pass, you must score a minimum of 168 out of 240 maximum points on your Firearms Qualification and a minimum score of 70% on the Florida State written examination.

​To attend the class, you must have your own Duty Quality Handgun with (3-4) High Capacity magazines with a capacity of at least 12+ rounds, a duty belt with a quality retention holster and double or triple magazine pouch. Only the following calibers are permitted by Florida Statute 493: semi-automatics in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45ACP and revolvers in .38 Special (SPC) or .357 revolvers with .38SPC rounds. (.380ACP is permitted for those with a 'C', 'CC' or 'M' license ONLY and you must have at least four (4) magazines with a minimum of 6rds.) If your magazines are not 12 or more rounds (single stack models) you will be required to have 4 magazines. No exceptions!! Typically, the class will be held at an outdoor range to be announced on first day of class.

If you bring your own weapon, it must be a HIGH CAPACITY, DUTY QUALITY HANDGUN in the above-listed calibers, carried by Law Enforcement agencies, Security Agencies or the Military. High Points, SCCY, Canniks and FMK's are some examples of non-duty quality brands not allowed due to unreliability issues. If you're not sure, call and ask. It is up to the discretion of Instructors and Range Personnel if a firearm will be authorized. There is no arguing and the Instructor's decision is final. Any arguments with Cadre will lead to expulsion from the course. If you're not sure of your weapon's quality, then you might just want to rent.   

Finally, You MUST know how to operate your OWN firearm. (You may think this is a joke, but we see many gun owners who do not know how to operate their own firearms. If you can not show proficiency with your own personal firearm during the weapon's inspection, you will not be permitted to attend range qualification until you first attend our Handgun 101 class. Do not come to class without knowledge of your own firearm. 

PSG security academy is now offering the psychological computer testing so you can get your temp 'g' card immediately. Ask your instructor how to sign-up. Price is $100.

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